The purpose of this CLC relies on running as a space dedicated to the integration of technologies by the teachers into the learning experience.

South Africa, Melton Rose, Factreton and Rouxville, 2015

Placed on challenging zones of Cape Town’s suburbs, these three CLCs were established to answer the specific needs of each area.

Melton Rose Primary School has scarce technological resources and teachers have a low level of digital literacy, so the purpose is to promote the meaningful inclusion of technology in the teaching/ learning experience.

In Factreton Primary School, the goal is to ensure the knowledge transfer between school and home/ family within a context where public health risk behaviours are a reality, such as teenager pregnancy and AIDS, among others.

Rouxville Primary School has technological resources and some teachers do have strong digital skills. Therefore, the focus is to empower this educators’ group towards pedagogical practices’ innovation.

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